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The list continues, however as you can see, Sims 2 can be quite twisted when you consider it and it has been quite popular especially among the younger viewers, and has spawned many sequels (including Sims 3), YouTube videos, as well as console versions of this game that tend to be somewhat different from the PC poker 88(from the PSP version of Sims 2, for example, the game is much more of a roleplaying game in which you control this dude who finds himself in Strangetown, a town which has plenty of paranormal happenings inside, and go on a quest to prevent an evil genius from taking over the city and escape the ghosts and aliens infested city ).

Games involving aliens are quite popular likely because the days of Atari (like Space Invaders) and have evolved quite a bit since then. There have been lots of unique games and even movies in this genre, with titles you are probably familiar with such as: Space Invaders, the Simpsons Game (Kang and Kronos launch an alien invasion near the midpoint of this game), Independence Day, the Star Wars and Star Trek sagas (not all the alien race are hostile in Star Wars or Star Trek, obviously ), Aliens vs Predator, the Contra series, in addition to even the Halo series (where you get a hostile alien race bent on wiping out the entire human race). Normally you struggle against the aliens, however in”Destroy All Humans”, you truly get to play as the aliens themselves, commanding an alien named, Crypto who is a part of the Furon empire, an alien race that wants to get human minds for some odd reason. The game is really big and spans many missions, starting with Crypto crash landing in farmlands and terrorizing both cows and farmers alike, and later with Crypto launching a complete scale invasions against cities and towns. And you can play as the bad guys in this sport as your occupation would be to conquer Earth (particularly North America since the game is centered in the United States). Besides terrorizing civilians, it is possible to even take on human form and also blend in with the crowd (can be helpful for infiltration missions, by way of example), go up against government agents (including the”men in black”), do mind control on people, which makes them perform as you wish, razing villages with your flying saucer, in addition to taking on huge bosses that attempt to stop you in your predator (that is natural of course whenever you are controlling a hostile alien race bent on the destruction of this planet ). Despite the twisted nature of the game, it can be quite humorous when Crypto proceeds rampages, together with creating hysteria among taxpayers, plagued cows, destroys buildings using his saucer, as well as fighting government agents trying to stop Crypto.

Many of these games have similar themes: you play different degrees in several types of terrain, go up against an evil villain and his or her cronies (such as Dr Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog series), fight lots of enormous supervisors (usually cronies and intimate partners of the evil genius, unless if you are on the final showdown), and save the day (for instance, recuing Princes Peach from Bowser in Super Mario Bros). Most of these games are obviously geared more towards the younger audience (barring a few games, such as the newer Castlevania games offered the”M” ratings on a few of the more recent titles, such as”Curse of Darkness”), particularly in the case of games like Mario Bros and Sonic, where children will usually play these games over adults do. Anyways, that said, there yet another platform game that I have played through that is quite twisted when you consider it:”Conker’s Bad Fur Day” (I played with the Xbox version by the way). Conker’s Bad Fur Day appears to be a typical 3D platform game

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