How to win the lottery with the Paito Macau calculation


In the lottery gambling game, everyone knows various techniques to be able to predict faces and one of the most popular is using the Paito color concept. The choice of the Paito color concept will indeed be highly recommended and then adjusted to the type of lottery gambling market you choose. If for example you are interested in playing the betting game to become the Macau lottery, then you must learn and know how to use the concepts and calculations of toto macau properly and correctly.

The system of finding numbers using the paito-color concept and method is one of the most popular and widely used by other lottery gambling players so far. This one method is indeed considered quite effective and logical enough to be used besides you can rely on other methods such as dream interpretation and so on. In the paito-color calculation, the players must apply several formulas that are available either manually or digitally. This will certainly make it easier for the players to get the points immediately.

There are several ways to use the paito-color concept in the game to play Macau lottery gambling, which we will discuss below:

  1. Collect and sort output data

The initial thing you need to do, obviously, use to be collect first and will sort the existing output data for the Macau lottery gambling market. At least you have to collect the last 1 year of data from the online lottery gambling game output.

  1. Enter the data into excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most appropriate choices for you to later use and later find the Paito color concept. A few of you might be familiar already with the Excel application thus it can also be used more easily later. You can copy based on data per day for the Macau lottery gambling market in Microsoft Excel.

  1. Draw a color line

Then you can do the process of drawing a color line from one number to another and then find a color pattern. This then becomes the main point because in drawing a line from one “cell” to another “cell” requires formulas and calculations. You also have to do it in a frequent way and also practice more to get the pattern right.


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