JUUL Pods from £7.99

Charging the battery takes around 50 minutes (last time I charged mine, it took precisely 52 Buy juul pods utilizing the gave USB charger in a USB port on my PC). On the off chance that you have one of those versatile JUUL chargers, the charge times will differ.


The JUUL highlights a little LED that showed the battery life. To check your battery, essentially twofold tap your JUUL and it will streak one of three tones: green for a significant level, yellow for medium, and red methods the battery will require energizing soon.

The great

Excessively simple to utilize

The JUUL couldn’t be easier to utilize: place a unit in the battery and vape when you need. There are no catches or convoluted menu to explore. Simply endure a shot when you need. It’s prepared when you are. When your unit is vacant, eliminate it and supplant it with another one. Smokers will like the straightforwardness.

Reliable puffs

The JUUL is an unassuming gadget. What separates it from other comparatively measured gadgets is its imaginative innovation and execution. The tech in the JUUL functions admirably! I’ve attempted many comparative case vapes yet the exhibition of the JUUL is in a group. The JUUL utilizes programmed temperature control, a component ordinarily found in cumbersome vape mods with confounded settings. Due to temperature control, JUUL doesn’t deliver consumed hits like a portion of its opposition.


The JUUL utilizes nicotine salt-based eliquid  in its units. This “salt,” in substance terms implies the nicotine has a positive and negative charged particle which smooths out the cruel nicotine taste found in comparative looking gadgets. All things considered, you will feel it when you hit it! JUUL intently impersonates the sensation of smoking — most other vape items have neglected to reproduce that sensation.

The JUUL hits like a cigarette

The ideal draw (breathe in) on a vape comes down to inclination. The JUUL gives what is known as a mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw and it’s a genuinely close one at that. This attract is like that of a cigarette in that you breathe in first into your mouth prior to taking it to the lungs. This is the most recognizable and agreeable attract to change from smoking to vaping.

It’s little and attentive

The JUUL is truly lightweight, weighing about equivalent to a normal ink pen. It’s a little more than 14 grams with a case introduced. Completely amassed, it’s simply over 9.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. A cigarette is 8.3 cm long, making the JUUL barely bigger. The little size and light weight will be in accordance with what smokers are acclimated with.


The JUUL is additionally prudent while being used. That makes it ideal for those that would prefer not to cause to notice themselves. This loans itself well to vaping at clubs, bars, at the workplace (if vaping is permitted), and incalculable different situations where huge cloud-production vapes would draw in unwanted attention.

Exact tasting flavors

My undisputed top choices incorporate Mango, Mint, Fruit just as Classic Tobacco. It’s hard to depict the flavor of the flavors, yet they’re all genuinely precise for what they should be. Not at all like a great deal of typical e-juice enhances, these flavors are not excessively sweet by the same token. That makes them simpler to appreciate regardless of the hour of day.

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