The Bible Code – Beyond the Message

The 5thdimension is all about living consciously on your mild body.You now life at the recently charged body that’s been updated to the MD borderlands 3 shift codes. You’re fully aware that you’re Spirit in a tangible body. You’re totally able to get higher dimensional advice out of the area of being.

Yes. Allow yourself to link into the crystaline energy from the Earth and with all the crystaline grid enclosing the Earth. Let yourself feel that the crystaline energy luminous on your heart.

It’s possible to link with Beings of Light you’re drawn to, including Archangel Michael, Raphael, Metranon. Sit together in mediation and ask that they help You in your transition into your Light body. There are many Beings of Light that are only waiting for one to request their help.

Focus on your inner advice and act upon it. Your link source is the stability, your stone during the lively shifts.

Power of transformation from the atmosphere, therefore it’s time to awaken and live what your heart is called to live and say.

Psychic Potentials is for you whether you are considering developing your psychic skills and You want to direct a completely educated life from a loving and connected location.

Whereas the native cultures of this world – Egypt, Bolivia, Nepal, Peru and elsewhere, not just except those changes and changes, but anticipate them now.At the current there’s a new breed of people which are being born in this creation, because we move near the conclusion of a grand cycle that the fantastic ones known as the Change of Ages. (Moving from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius every age lasting about 2,160 years)This brand new breedof people was called and anticipated by the ancient and native cultures.

It’s just in the Western World we are amazed, mystified and at times fearful of those changes since it’s in the West which we’ve missed the texts. What Happens? Divinely inspired writings of the most sacred legacy were eliminated seventeen hundred decades back from text which define our history. Twenty-five biblical writings had been shot from our references throughout that time and an extra twenty supporting files, (including the Keys of Enoch) were removed.

We’re amazing Human Beings! Without us actually understanding who we know where we came from, why we’re here or being aware of what to anticipate later on, we’ve managed to evolve. The Pieces which were taken from our references were that the ancient sciences of Compassion, Gratitude, along with the highly complex technology we predict Prayer in addition to the function of Emotion and Feeling within our own bodies. These were the writings which were eliminated and are the bits which will now finish the wisdom which we are growing in the West today. This Advice Has Always Been Retained:We’ve always had signs that there has been a body of information which may fill the gaps of our comprehension of earth. The texts point to those details. The East and native cultures understand and adopt these changes. It has always been a part of the belief system, in which in the West it’s been feared. The Historical Essenes and Mirror pictures I feel every individual on Earth is a start from the Mystery School we call Life. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we shall all experience mirror pictures of our selves others. When we have the knowledge to recognize those mirrorswe might accelerate development of our emotions and understanding.The Essenes stated that for us to understand and grasp ourselves in this Earth, we’ll see reflected patterns of ourselves from other people – the seven mirrors that are increasingly more and more subtle. Back in the’70s, we discovered about the initial mirror, of that you’re in the present time.

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